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Must Have Apps For IPhone 5S And IPhone 5C Users

Must Have Apps For IPhone 5S And IPhone 5C Users

The latest iPhone 5S or iPhone 5Cs, like its predecessors are counted among the best smartphones of the world, mostly because they connect users to variety of apps.
iPhone 5S and 5C gives you the platform to explore and take benefit of the fantastic apps stored on Apple's App Store. The new iPhone comes with built-in apps, apart many amazing, free and paid apps that can be downloaded from the Apple App store. Basic apps are offered by Apple as integrated and built-in apps to provide you a good start experience with the iPhone.

These apps are usually the iMessage to Camera, iBooks, Podcasts, Mail to Safari, Twitter, Facebook etc. But as said these apps are just the starting experience where there is lot to explore in the Apple App store.
Listed below are some of the must have apps, that you should download to explore the world of iPhone apps. These are high usability apps and can enhance your iPhone experience manifold. Go through the following information to understand the usability of the apps in a better way:

Dropbox online storage
You might have heard about Cloud Dropbox, which is a well-known storage and sync service available to the Mac users. This service allows you to safely upload and store files so that those can be accessed from another Mac computer. Apple has now launched the Dropbox app for iOS users as well.

This app will give you the platform to safely store all your files. Dropbox also provides a platform for powerful integration through which other apps can tie their services with Dropbox and can use them for cloud storage and sync as well. This is a completely free app offering variety of benefits to professional as well as students.

However for free you get only a small storage space. If you need more space you can of course get that but for a price.
Shazam music identification
It usually happens that you come across a great song perhaps in a bar, disco, coffee shop or just hear it while passing by. You promptly feel like knowing the album, singer name and everything possible about the song, so that you can listen to it or buy it later.

Shazam music identification app can make your task easier by helping you identify the song and know the album, singer name and other details.
This app from Apple App Store will tell you everything about any song. All you need to do is to install the app on your phone and whenever you hear a song of which you have no background information, you just need to launch the app and make it hear the song.

Shazam music identification will reveal you everything about the song and will also help you find and buy the song from iTunes. It's a free app.
Air Video HD streaming
In today's era of advanced technology, you get plenty of options to watch videos on your iPhone. You can download videos or stream them conveniently. What about those old videos that you have stored on your PC because those are precious to you? Don't you want to store them on iPhone and run those from there?

But probably your iPhone doesn't support those age old video format. Worry not! Air Video HD streaming is an app that will make your iPhone compatible to videos of all format. The app can be downloaded for $2.99. So carry your old videos in your iPhone 5S or 5C and show them to your friends.

Launch Center Pro Quick Actions
The app Launch Center Pro quick Actions has been designed to deliver your iOS the power to be highly active to perform various actions. Install this app on your Home screen or Dock, and whenever you feel the need to have a quick access to actions like go to websites, perform searches, contact specific people, tweet out a message, create a to-do, etc, you can just tap on this app and these actions will get launched.

This app can be downloaded for $3.9 .
Screens 3 VNC
Screens 3 VNC is an amazing app through which you will be able to remotely view and interact with your Mac or Windows PC from your iPhone. There is no doubt that controlling the big screen of computer from the tiny screen of iPhone is difficult, but it is not impossible especially when we have such an amazing app which can make this likely impossible thing possible.

So, now you need not to sit in front of your desktop to regulate it. You can sit in the sofa of your living room or can relax on your bed and interact with your desktop. This amazing app is available for $19.99 on Apple App Store.
Make no delay in downloading the aforementioned highly usable must have apps and get those installed on your iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

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